Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992)

Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta

EVA Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) in the interior and trunk made of innovative EVA material, a unique cellular structure that does not allow dust, dirt and water to spread through the cabin and trunk. Mats equipped with a unique CELL-CLEANΒ  system. Besides, it’s an innovative cell technology and honeycomb structure.Β  That allows collecting a considerable quantity of water, dirt and dust in the mat’s cells.

Moreover, EVA Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) production is a bright, practical and modern solution to protect the car from dirt. Custom EVA Floor Mats, designed specifically for the vehicle. Match all the floor curvatures to the maximum and keeping them clean and tidy.

EVACARMAT made from eco-friendly Sevilen material or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). EVA is a new age polymer product. EVA excels in rubber and polyurethane mats due to its strength, flexibility, lack of smell, frost resistance up to -55. Once trapped in the diamond-shaped cells, all the dirt blocked and remained inside. To get rid of it, take out the mat and shake it vigorously several times.

The EVA Car Mats are fixed to the floor with special fasteners corresponding to the Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) and do not move during driving. Also, they cover the maximum floor area in the passenger compartment.

EVA Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) is resistant to high and low temperatures. Their flexibility does not decrease even at –50 ℃, which has repeatedly tested in practice in northern countries. Additionally, +50 ℃ does not affect at all the quality of the material.

Why is it worth buying Eva Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) from us:

  1. Firstly, they are hypoallergenic and keed all dust inside of the unique shape.
  2. Secondly, the floor mats we will create according to the salon’s shapes.
  3. Thirdly, Eva Mats do not have a terrible smell like rubber or pile mats.
  4. Also, can forget about clean with vacuum mats.
  5. Thirty seconds it takes to cleanΒ  Eva Car Mats.
  6. Mats are best for the family with kids. Moreover, every driver knows what happens to the cleanliness of the cabin after a trip with children.
  7. Importantly, it gives a modern, stylish look to the salon.

Eva Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta II (1G) (1984 – 1992) can order in various colour combinations. To choose the colour of the mat material is combined with the colour of the fringing tape. It turns out an individual, unique and exclusive accessory for a car. Β In addition, we recommend having a look most popular model car sets our customer’s love to buy: Kmart Car Floor Mats for Volkswagen Jetta VII (2019 – …), Car Floor Mats Repco for Volkswagen Jetta IV, Super Cheap Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta, Autobarn Car Mats for Volkswagen Jetta, Car Mats for Holden HR

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  • Lime
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