We have tried to collect for you the most FAQ about EVA CAR MATS. If you have additional questions about our rugs, you will contact us by phone to.find them on the website or through messenger.

The surface of the material of the rugs is covered with special diamond-shaped cells. Dirt, getting on ordinary rugs, begins to smear and spread throughout the cabin, but in the case of EVA, this will never happen. Moreover, snow, water, dust, and wet dirt enter the cells and stay there until you shake out the rugs. Therefore, it is thanks to the cells that it is not so often possible to clean the cabin if desired.

The mats designed to washed with a high-pressure water stream. Under its pressure, all accumulated dirt in the cells instantly rinsed away. They are not afraid of car shampoos and cleansers. They can pass every time you visit the car wash. Even one litre of water enough to wash car mats. After that, turnover and knock water from them. EVA Car Mats do not need to be dried at all so that you can put them in the salon shortly after washing.

Enough to rinse with water only, turn the rugs over, and knock out water from them. Also, Eva car mats are resistant to salt and various reagents, so there will be enough water to remove the salt.

You can buy car floor mats from our EVACARMAT site. The easiest way is to choose your car and the zone where you need car mats. Submit your order, and we will contact You to confirm your order. However, it’s take 1-2 days to make custom unique car floor mats for your car and deliver to You.

The ranking presents the best:

  2. 3D car mats form EVACARMAT
  3. Rubber,
  4. Textile, Pile
  5. Polyurethane rugs

Benefits Eva Car Mats:

  • Unique custom car mats. We bring to your attention unique and innovative floor mats for any cars. Many car enthusiasts in our country already convinced that EVACARMAT car floor mats are the best solution for those who want to keep their car interior clean and add originality to its appearance.

  • Perfect structure.Β The structure of the Eva-Drive carpets is such that dirt, dust and water retained in special cells without smearing over the interior and without staining shoes.

  • Fast cleaning.Β You will be able to clean the car as often as is convenient for you: in the winter and any-season, you will not have to shake out the melted snow and mud from the rugs every day. EVACARMAT is quick and easy to clean. You can do it at the car wash when you wash your car. At the same time, dirt and dust thoroughly washed out of the cells.

  • Emphasized and originality. Eva-Drive rugs are stylish and beautiful. You can choose from a wide variety of colour combinations. Let the interior of your car look the way you want and not like everyone else.
  • Model execution. Eva-Drive floor mats are produced for a specific car model, thanks to which they cover the floor surface as much as possible, protecting it from dirt. Order Eva-Drive rugs!
  • Appearance. The appearance of EVA rugs has a massive advantage because they can have an extensive colour palette, which is an enormous addition to the car’s interior, making it bright and unique, significantly distinguishing the vehicle from others. Also, these rugs made for each specific vehicle separately, which minimizes the option of “collective farm” car mats.
  • Durability. EVACARMAT are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Pros of rugs:

  1. Maintains elasticity down to -50 Β° C.
  2. Reliable clamps – special fixed clips that do not allow the mats to fidget on the floor.
  3. Various colours.
  4. Environmentally friendly EVA resin material.
  5. Maintaining elasticity at any temperature – they do not soften in heat and do not crack in frost.
  6. Manufacturing according to original patterns, repeating factory cutouts and protrusions – ideally cover the floor.
  7. The choice of texture – honeycomb or rhombus.
  8. Easy to clean – shake.

Cons of rugs:

  1. There are many fakes.

You don’t need to match floor mats for your car. All you need is to contact Us, and, having removed the pattern from your salon, we will produce your rugs of the right size and the correct shape.

The best way to prevent the mats from moving around the cabin is to attach them to the original clips or with Velcro. That can sew onto the carpet or glue. Original clips and additional velcro that prevent slipping.

The service life of EVA products largely depends on their owner. The mats designed to washed with a high-pressure water jet. Under its pressure, all accumulated dirt in the cells instantly washed away. They are not afraid of car shampoos and detergents. They can pass every time you visit the car wash. Even one litre of water enough to rinse car mats. After that, turn over and knock water from them his driving style and the conditions they used. If you have not had any problems with these textile or rubber accessories, ours can serve you for several years.

Our products may differ from the original ones. The reason for this is that we cut them out according to our patterns. But this is not a disadvantage and, in some cases, even an advantage.

The mats designed to washed with a high-pressure water jet. Under its pressure, all accumulated dirt in the cells instantly washed away. They are not afraid of car shampoos and detergents. They can pass every time you visit the car wash.

There are many different car mats that point well! Car floor mats are made of pile, rubber, various types of polymers.

A pile mat is the worst option for buying in a car. The reason why pile mats are not practical because they accumulate dust and get dirty quickly. This leads to frequent cleaning of the car.

A better option is a rubber mat. It easy to clean. But this is where the advantages end with the point of rubber mats the big disadvantages that theirs smell is that they stain shoes.

What is the advantage of our polymer EVACARMAT ?

The reason why EVA mats are made of polymer has become popular all over the world is the cleanliness in the cabin easy cleaning without a specific smell they are hypoallergenic And at the same time, they are durable. Moreover, it gives a unique design to the car interior.

The durability of EVA rugs is relatively high. However, due to the relative softness and elasticity of the material (which gives comfort underfoot), the structure can be damaged by hairpins and other sharp objects.

The service life of EVA car mats is not inferior to its textile and rubber counterparts. With careful use and timely care, they can serve you for several years. However, it is essential to avoid contact with their surface with sharp objects.

Does the eva car mats smell bad as same rubber floor mats?

They can smell like any other product only if they are new. But it quickly disappears and will not reappear. EVA material (sevilen) is made from environmentally friendly components and will not smell in further operation even at very high temperatures (+ 50 Β° C).

Does the Eva car mats smell bad as the same rubber floor mats?

Floor Mats not only do not spoil the shoes but, on the contrary, help keep them clean. The surface of EVA mat has diamond-shaped cells that securely trap moisture, dust, sand and other dirt until they are removed and shaken out. Plus, car mats won’t wear down the outsole. The EVA material itself even used in the manufacture of sports shoes.

Fastening carried out using Velcro. But for car models that equipped with factory holders, we make rugs with the appropriate fasteners.

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