Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …)

Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe
EVA Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) in the car interior made of modern and versatile EVA material, unique honeycomb structure, prevents the spread of dust, dirt and water in the cab and trunk. An innovation with the unique CELL-CLEAN system. In addition, it is an ultra-fashionable innovative technology, which allows large amounts of debris and dust to accumulate in the cells.In addition, EVA Car Mats for HyundaiΒ Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) production, a convenient and modern, environmentally friendly solution to protect your vehicle from dirt. Made of multifunctional EVA mats, made specifically for your favourite car. Try to level it with the floor and keep it clean and tidy without making any effort.EVACARMAT is sewed from environmentally friendly and unique material Sevilen EVA. EVA is modern polymer know-how. When water and debris enter the cells, all the dirt remains inside, and your shoes stay perfectly clean. To get rid of unwanted trash, remove the rug and shake it vigorously several times.EVA Car Mats was secured with special clips that fit Hyundai Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) and did not dangle during the trip. And most importantly, for your comfort, they cover the entire floor area of ​​your favourite car.EVA Car MatsΒ for Hyundai Santa FeΒ IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) is resistant to all kinds of temperature fluctuations. Their flexibility does not decrease even at -50 ℃, repeatedly tested in many countries around the world. In addition, +50 ℃ does not affect the strength of the material at all.

Why is it worth buying Eva Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) from us:

1. First, they formulated with environmentally friendly raw materials.2. Secondly, we create carpets according to the shape of your car. It will remain exclusive.3. Thirdly, Eva Car Mats do not have a disgusting smell and is made of natural materials.4. The essential thing is that you can forget about the vacuum cleaner and no longer need it.5. We save you time. Cleaning Eva mats takes tiny, 30 seconds.6. In other words, rugs are often used for large families with children. Everyone knows what happens to the car when there are children in it.7. In addition, it gives the car interior a modern and fashionable look.Eva Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe IV (TM) 7 places (2018 – …) to order in all kinds of colours. You can choose any shade of the material. As a result, you will receive an individual, unique and exclusive rug for yourself. Β In addition, we recommend having a look most popular model car sets our customer’s love to buy: Car Mats Australia for Hyundai Santa Fe IV,Β EVA Autobarn Car Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe III (DM) 7, Car Mats Online for Holden FE (1956 – 1958), Hyundai Santa Fe Car Mats for I (SM) (2000 – 2012), Car Carpet Floor Mats for Hyundai Santa Fe II (CM).Β 

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  • Brown
  • Beige
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  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • SkyBlue
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Lime
  • Green
  • Orange
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